TREB Data Access Suspended | Part 5

2 min read · Written Nov 4, 2020 · By Jack

Hi everyone. Hope you are all keeping well.

Unfortunately the response we got was from the review was:

Due to the nature of the allegations, the Professional Standards Review Panel has directed this matter proceed to a Professional Standards Hearing.

The hearing date is set for December 14, about 6 weeks from now.

And unfortunately it might not end there. The hearing will come to a decision and, there might need to be an appeal process, and maybe another hearing after that. Who knows?

But since I'm an optimist (I had to become one after going through the last 4 months), I foresee that the hearing will come to a good decision that will give Bungol data access back ASAP!

As for Bungol right now, it's not doing so hot after 4 months of being cut off. The site has lost 95% of its traffic and I have no idea if it will recover.

Honestly it would suck if Bungol survives TREB's process, only to not be able to recover and just die. That would be the worse way to go I think. A swift death would have been preferable.

And I'm surprised that I was able to hang on for this long. I seriously considered shutting down Bungol quite a few times over the past 4 months, but for some reason, I always changed my mind.

I've realized now that hope almost never goes together with reason. It’s something quite irrational and instinctive. Nourishment that is self-regenerative.

On the bright side, this whole thing taught me to be grateful for mere survival. After all, we should all be grateful to just be alive, right?

We will continue providing updates, thank you for staying with us.