Elevate Your Business with Buyers

Partner with Bungol and upgrade your business with highly motivated buyer referrals.

You Get 75%

You get up to 75% of the commission when a referral closes.

Zero upfront fee

All we ask from you upfront is a commitment to providing great service to buyers.

Serious Clients

At Bungol we focus on quality over quantity. We do not generate many referrals, but each referral is precious metal.


Do I have to have experience working as a real estate agent?
The more experience you have, the more attractive your application will be.

I am with a team of agents, can I apply as a team?
Yes you can. Please add some details of your team in your application.

What type of referrals will I be receiving?
You will be receiving buyer referrals.

How many referrals will I receive per month?
We aim to send our partner agents 5-15 referrals per month.

Do I need to be at a specific brokerage to become a partner agent?
No. You can operate from any brokerage.

Do I have to give a cashback to clients?
Yes. You will be required to give a cashback amount that we determine.

Please note we only work with full time agents