Buy with Bungol, get a big cashback.

You get 40% or 70% of our commission as cashback when you buy with us.

How much you save

Home Value
Your cashback

Full Service

40% Cashback

  • Showings provided
  • $5,000 minimum fee

Semi-Full Service

70% Cashback

  • See homes by yourself
  • $2,500 minimum fee


Are there any fees I have to pay?
No. There are no fees of any kind. No upfront fees or showing fees.

Will I be working with a dedicated agent?
Yes, you will be working directly with one of our agents. They will spend time with you to build a relationship, answer all of your questions, and learn about your needs to serve you best.

So you are just like a regular agent, except you give a big cashback?
Yes that's right!

How do I get my cashback?
You will get your cashback within 15 business days after closing. It depends on how quickly the listing brokerage sends us the commission. It will be sent as a cheque, bank wire, or direct deposit.

Do I have to pay HST on my cashback?
We are not qualified accountants and cannot provide tax advice. Please speak to an accountant. Here is a helpful post on HST implications.

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*Assuming 2.5% buyer agent commission. Minimum fee applicable