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Questions & Answers

How exactly does your cash back work?
It's very simple! For a typical home purchase, the buyer agent commission is 2-2.5% of the sale price. We share 1% of the sale price with you, and keep the remainder as fee for our services.

Are there any additional fees I have to pay?
No. We will never charge you any extra or hidden fees. There are no fees for showings or making offers. We are only paid when your home purchase successfully completes.

What does the $5,000 minimum fee mean?
The $5,000 minimum fee is the least amount of commission we will take. It typically applies to lower value purchases (under $300,000).

If your home purchase is greater than $350,000 then there is no need to worry about the minimum fee!

What level of service will I get?
You will receive 100% full service from our Realtors®.

When do I get my cash back?
We will give you your cash back as soon as the listing brokerage sends us the buyer agent commission.

Do I have to pay taxes on my cash back?
We are not qualified accountants and cannot provide tax advice. Please speak to an accountant. Here is a helpful post on HST implications.

I have a question!
Feel free to send us a message any time!